Rosh Hashanah

     L'Shana Tova Tikateivu

     Tapuchim U'Dvash (Apples & Honey)

     Shofar Blast by Ellen Allard

     Tokei'a Hashofar by Ellen Allard

     The World is a Circle by Craig Taubman

      Sweet as Honey by Dan Nichols

Yom Kippur

     Love is Gonna Carry You by Ellen Allard

     Oh My Goodness Look at this Mess

     by Sweet Honey of the Rock

      with added High Holiday verses by Chana Rothman

      We Are Sorry for These Things 

     (The Children's Al Cheit) by Eric Komar

      Yom Kippur Songsheet


     Bim Bam by N. Frankel

     I'm So Glad That Shabbos is Here by Ellen Allard

     Ma Yafeh Hayom by Isachar Miron

     Wonderful Shabbos Sound by Ellen Allard

     L'cha Dodi by Mordecai Zeira



     I Go to the Sukkah by Lisa Doob

      The Lulav Shake by Steve Dropkin

      What's Inside the Sukkah? by Debbie Friedman

      Sukkot Songsheet

Simchat Torah

     Tree of Life by Richard Silverman

     Little Taste of Torah by Ellen Allard

      The World is a Circle by Craig Taubman

      Five Book Strut by Noam Katz

      Seven Days by Peter & Ellen Allard

      God Made the World by Ellen Allard

      Simchat Torah Songsheet

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    7 is the Number

    10 Plagues in Egypt Land    

    The 15th of Shevat

    Bo bo Boker Tov

    For Trees

    God is Everywhere (God is One)

    God, God, God

    God Made the World

    I Like Hamentaschen

    In Shu-Shu-Shushan

    Judah Maccabee

    Lashon Hara

    Little Taste of Torah

    Lotsa, Lotsa Matzah

    Love is Gonna Carry You Home

    My Body is Part of Me

    Shofar Blast

    Standing at the Sea  

    There are Ten

    This Day & Every Day

    Tokei'a Hashofar

    We Sing Shabbat! We Sing Shalom!

    The Whole Megillah

    Wonderful Shabbos Sound


Debbie Friedman

    613 Commandments

    The Alef Bet Song

    L'chi Lach    

    Devorah's Song

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Im Tirtzu

    The Latka Song

    Miriam's Song

    Not By Might

    Oseh Shalom

    Plant a Tree for Tu B'Shevat

    L'Shanah Tovah for Rosh Hashanah

    What's Inside the Sukkah


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    5 Book Strut

    Am-eh Yisrael Chai

    Roll into Light, Roll into Dark



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    Af, Peh, Ozen

    A Blessing for Shalom

    Or Zarua

    Oseh Shalom

    Rabbi Ben Bag-Bag


Dan Nichols         Listen to more Dan on

     B'Tzelem Elohim

     Kehillah Kedoshah


     Sweet as Honey


Rick Recht

    The Hope



Craig Taubman         Listen to more Craig on

    One World

    The World is a Circle