Margaret Armstrong Hamm, Bet Shalom 1st Grade Teacher


Shana is an integral part of our curriculum at Bet Shalom.  As a first and second grade teacher, I rely on Shana to help the children learn the lessons that we teach through music.  Shana is always looking for new and fun songs to teach the children, and the children always look forward to music - they LOVE Shana.  They are always very disappointed if we don't have music. She also brings the ruach to children's services, and helps the children learn the prayers through song.  We would not be as effective and successful without Shana's talents, her wonderful voice, and her ability to capture the children's attention and imaginations. 




Kathryn, mother of 2


My children always look forward to music time with Shana Banana. She has a unique ability to connect with her audiences-- of any age -- and her marvelous vocal and instrumental talents are a joy to behold. Whether she's leading a rousing chorus at synagogue children's services, or providing the interactive entertainment at my 3-year old daughter's birthday party, we think Shana's tops!